LG’s new TV operating system to transform your viewing experience

Knowledge is power, as the famous expression by the English philosopher and statesman Francis Bacon goes. Indeed, knowledge allows us to make more informed and better decisions in all aspects of our lives and enjoy various services and products to their fullest. While consumer products, such as electronics, used to come with a limited set of features, allowing us to know in advance what their advantages were for us, the giant leaps in technology have led to the creation of “super-products” with diverse and varied features, requiring us to have extensive knowledge to fully benefit from them.

This phenomenon is seen in smartphones, computers, and of course, the world of TVs, which now come with numerous features and functionalities, most of which we simply do not know about and therefore do not use. LG has identified this gap and is launching its latest operating system, webOS 24, an AI-based system that allows you to enjoy all the most advanced features and functionalities in an intuitive, convenient, and quick manner.

(credit: PR)

“There is a very large gap between what the TV can offer us and people’s knowledge about all the features of the TV. Some people are inherently technophobic, so they shy away from exploring their TV’s features in depth and do not utilize its full range of features, thus harming their user experience,” says Nirit Kamara, LG TV Product Manager at H.Y. Group.

“At LG, we examined the matter in depth and found that one of the things that lead to a good user experience is the TV’s operating system, so we wanted to ensure that the TV’s operating system would be convenient and fast, allowing easy access to any function we want. This is how the new webOS 24 system, based on artificial intelligence and representing the latest and most advanced update of our operating system, was born.”

(credit: PR)

What is the innovation this system brings to consumers?

“First and foremost, ease of use and navigation between different modes and settings. The home screen has cards through which you can easily access games, music, sports, office applications, and accessibility. Moreover, LG’s smart system understands Hebrew: using the LG smart remote, which moves with hand gestures, you can perform voice searches in Hebrew and also use the chatbot that, through artificial intelligence, provides answers in Hebrew to any question regarding TV operation.”

The new operating system includes a wide range of international and local applications, connects easily to mobile phones for streaming various contents, and is very easy to navigate through the home screen. “webOS 24 uses artificial intelligence, making it more intuitive and giving the user the ability to move from place to place quickly and conveniently,” says Nirit. “Moreover, the AI algorithm embedded in the system learns the user’s preferences, similar to Netflix, and can recommend content on movies and series. The system also speaks Hebrew, making it very easy to communicate with.”

By communicate, you mean actually talking to the TV?

“Exactly. You can enter the screen’s chatbot, select a topic for which you need help, and request it verbally from the TV. For example, you could tell the TV that the brightness is not high enough for you, and the TV will respond in Hebrew while providing a real-time solution.”

If there’s one thing that always bothers people about TVs, it’s the changing screen settings from person to person. Take, for example, a family where the father likes to watch sports broadcasts and prefers bright, vibrant colors, while the mother prefers cinematic films and likes to watch them in ‘cinema mode.’ Not to mention the different preferences of the kids, of course. If in the past, such things could cause real arguments at home, the webOS 24 system solves the problem and allows various profiles to be saved, each with its specific settings.

“The new system includes an image wizard that offers a choice from 8 different sets of images, where each user selects a specific image that already contains the appropriate settings. These settings are saved in the personal profile, and whenever another viewer turns on the TV, they can enter with their preferred image setting. You could say that this TV adapts itself to the user,” notes Nirit.

Another cool feature of the system is the “tips.” These appear accessibly on the screen, and by clicking on the tips box, the TV provides you with advice on how to enjoy its maximum features with a ‘want to try’ suggestion. By clicking on this box, you can directly reach the function you are interested in and activate it on the TV. Since this is an operating system that continues to upgrade year by year, LG offers the new system with a promise of 4 upgrades. “The customer will not have to do anything, and the system will update automatically,” Nirit says. “Thus, customers will be able to enjoy a more advanced and sophisticated operating system with each upgrade, for a period of 5 years from the purchase of the screen.”

In collaboration with LG