Yanbitex Secures Registration with US MSB; Announces Launch of YANC Coin

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 18, 2024 / Yanbitex, the best Dubai cryptocurrency platform, is officially registered with the US Money Service Business (MSB). This milestone achievement demonstrates a commitment of Yarbitex to regulatory compliance and transparency, as well as improves the landscape of digital assets, which is very dynamic.

Securing registration with the US MSB further solidifies Yanbitex position as a trusted platform for cryptocurrency trading and investment. Through the application of strict rules, Yanbitex has proved itself as a platform deemed trustworthy and as such, safe and reliable for its users.

Besides that, the Yanbitex team is excited to reveal its brand-new creation- the YANC coin. YANC stands and means for Yanbitex Coin. This coin aims to change the duality that reigns in the crypto market today with its nuclear technology as a stroke of genius. The launch date for YANC Coin is scheduled for March 18, 2024, at 15:30 EET/UTC+3.

The emergence of YANC Coin as a representative of the new digital finance era is characterized by its high-security standards, as well as its efficiency and flexibility, which enables users to transact freely and conveniently. The teams of developers and industry professionals joined forces to work behind it making YANC Coin in a leading role in the crypto market at a global scale.

“We are glad to announce our registration with the US MSB and the release of the YANC Coin,” commented the CEO of Yanbitex. ‘Such steps worth noticing, while showcasing our dedication to creating fresh and trustworthy opportunities within the digital asset space and leading the industry to a better future.’

From the 18th of March 2024, Yanbitex will host the YANC Coin Launch Event, where members of the public and like-minded people are invited to become part of the new generation of coin technology. For any further assistance please feel free to contact Yanbitex’s support team here www.yanbitex.com

About Yanbitex

Yanbitex is a newly launched cryptocurrency trading platform that considers regulatory compliance and security as key principles in providing safe trading space for its users. Following the license of MSB and the introduction of Yanc, Yanbitex has emerged as a market leader in terms of reliable financial services and swift and reliable innovative tools in the digital asset exchange business.

Media Information

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Disclaimer: Yanbitex is one of the cryptocurrency trading platforms. While our priority is to create a place where you can trade in a safe and decentralized manner, digital currency trading is not risk-free. Investors should be aware of the possibility of suffering losses and also market fluctuations. The crypto market is complicated and financial advice may help their investors so they should investigate before making investment decisions which require deep studies. Users with Yanbitex consent to accept and understand these risks.

SOURCE: Yanbitex