The Enterprise Database; a modern marvel; a harmony of bits and bytes culminating in a digital symphony of information and instruction: Tempo, ad infinitum.

The conductor: The Administrator.
The Audience: The Client.
The Orchestra: The Employees.
The Composer: The software developer.

The curtain rises, and the conductor taps his baton. The Orchestra focuses, and so begins another day at the office. Your enterprise server system is the heart of your whole operation. There is very specific programming which uses a ‘Structured Query Language’ or SQL, to operate massive databases upon which companies, both large and small, rely. This language and its programming are unique in implementation and operation and is the industry standard for database operation and function.

As your servers serve and tirelessly and endlessly do your bidding, they also report their status and condition to the admin department. These functionality reports and periodic status reports are critical, and the IT staff must be aware of the condition of your database servers always: always! Enter the comprehensive monitoring powerhouse. A software tool with the ability to monitor every aspect of the SQL Server database condition and relay any required information, report or status alert to the proper authorities via the magnificent Cloud. Pretty cool huh?

Come in out of the digital rain and dry yourself off. opt for a method that has been proven by those who have created it and is coveted by those who swear by it. The enterprise business world is marching in lock-step to the sweet sounds of a digital composition being performed by a Cyber Pied Piper. This path, however, leads to operational enterprise harmony and good will towards the binary 1’s and 0’s which offer us all a world in tune with the databases upon which we all rely. And a good question is what is Red gGate SQL?

The simple monitoring solution crafted by exceptional programmers and developers is not created for themselves. Their specific goal is to offer help. They know every detail of your business server, and their creations are tailored and mission specific. It is their Art and each masterwork is available to a discerning and learned clientele.
It may sound very complex and involved, however, the SQL monitoring methods are also user friendly. They simply must be. As sophisticated as they are in their creation and function, the interface is pleasant and customizable as are all good marketable products of high quality. Competition is fierce, and failure is not an option, particularly so in enterprise operations with a global reach.

Handling the toughest of jobs is the specialty of monitoring and messaging software solutions, and as time marches on and the world evolves, the finest solutions will adapt and evolve right along with it. It is simply the way of things. Sink or swim as the saying goes. The best always rises to the surface.