What is the Appeal Consumers Have With Video Advertising?

By: Eduardo Yanquen

In the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase in video advertising. The estimate is that on average people are four times more inclined to respond to a video message as opposed to a mere text.

Although this is a great help when it comes to company expansion, not everyone uses videos when among their advertising options. If businesses want to increase their clientele numbers it is important that they realize how much their customers are drawn to videos.

Here are three reasons why consumers are drawn to videos:

1. Videos Are Easier To Relate To

In making our evaluations our sense of sight is what we, as humans draw on the most; we are visual beings. When we actually see something our other senses, as well as emotions, become engaged. This is why it is easier for us to find videos more relatable than any other form of communication.

By connecting on an emotional level with an individual there is a better chance of earning that person’s trust in your product, service or brand. It is more likely that someone will recall something they have actually seen and heard as opposed something they merely read. This is why professional models and professional voice over artists are hired for video advertising through voice over engines such as Voice Fairy.

2. A Video Consumes Less Time and Is Far More Convenient

Today’s modern day society calls for all of us to be consistently rushed. We are always in search of the easiest and fastest way to accomplish what we must and time is always of the essence. We all find ways to multi-task and be able to watch a video implies that we can do so while accomplishing something else at the same time.

Watching a video takes up much less time than going through an entire article. You can pass on the exact same message in under half the time. Consumers are interested in receiving all the information however they want to do so as quickly as possible. Our attention spans are decreasing at a steady rate, the ability to focus on specific information over long periods of time is really no longer there. Information must be relayed as quickly as possible or we are not able to properly process it.

3. Advances in Technology

Day-to-day consumers have instant access to the internet, regardless of when or where they are and this is something they desire to take advantage of. You can easily watch a video while going from one place to the next, even if it is on a small mobile device. However, try scrolling down page after page of this same information in an article on that same device will require squinting and straining your eyes for a long period of time.

For the most part, although we may not want to admit it we are social media junkies. Any small amount of information acquired must immediately be shared via our multiple social accounts, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, your followers must see what we have to share.

If we share a video there are more chances that more followers will view it and like or even share it as well, this is what we aim for, more and more likes and is the video we post is of use to our followers it is greatly appreciated.

For the most part, our visual needs are satisfied through video, this makes video advertising ideal for businesses. Video advertising provides our customers with the opportunity of feeling a connection to our product, service or brand, isn’t this what marketing is all about?