How to earn money from 3D visualization business?

How to make money from 3D visualization business? How should a price quote be submitted? Who and what is it more suitable for? Detailed information is here…

3D visualization work in the sector is generally focused on three different topics. These; interior visualization, architectural visualization and product / product scene visualization.

In the sector, there are two groups that do these jobs: 1- Those who provide freelance services, 2- those who serve as a professional firm.

In addition, there is a group that provides render farm services; they are excluded from these two groups. In general, we can say that companies that have high-capacity computers such as cinema and video works and complete high-speed rendering works.

In general, the most preferred program in the interior architecture and architecture sector is 3Ds MaxSketchUp, ArchiCAD, SolidWorks and Maya are also preferred. Recently, BIM (Building Information Modeling) programs such as Revit, which has attracted great attention especially in the architecture sector and whose trend is rapidly increasing, also attract great attention. Because in recent studies, the use of BIM programs has become mandatory in many countries.

After briefly talking about these, let’s talk about what to do and what to pay attention to in order to make money from the three-dimensional visualization service:

Those who do this work are called 3d çizim. 3D Artists can be architects, interior architects, industrial designers, graphic designers, or they can be people who are not just a 3D Artist as a profession.

In fact, it should be underlined that 3D Artist is a profession in itself.

Things to do to make money from freelance rendering:

1-  This industry is the service industry. If you don’t have references in the service industry, no one will want to hire you. Employers want to see your previous work. For this, you do not need to have previously worked for a fee. You can prepare a portfolio of beautiful reference works for yourself.

2- Determine your way of working. What kind of business principle will you have? You need to define this well. What quality rendering do you promise? How much money does each rendering work cost? Do you get all the money at the beginning, do you get a certain percentage, or do you get the money after the job is finished? Will you charge for rendering or project? Or over the render size? It will be of great benefit for you to determine your working principles in many subjects such as We will share our important advice in this regard below.

3- Be reachable. If you are getting into this business, everyone should know that you are in this business. This will bring you a lot of business from your environment. In addition, having a website, preparing and publishing various articles on this subject will make it easier for you to be found in search engines. You can work to get to the fore in various most searched words related to your topic.

4- Inform companies. You can contact many companies and inform them that you are doing this job. In this information, you should definitely share your portfolio with the companies. Otherwise, it won’t matter if you contact us.

5- We recommend that you have rendering work in many areas. If you are not focusing on a specific subject and you want your business to appeal to a wide audience, include rendering work in different areas in your portfolio as much as possible. Architecture, interior works (restaurant, office, house, villa, store…), landscape works etc…

6- Create archives that will make your job easier. These archives will help you complete your work in a short time. aphakia; For example, you can download your 2-day job up to 6 hours. Here, both the model and the material coating archive take the lead.

7- File both your projects and archives. Detailed filings allow you to easily find the work and archive you are looking for. Again, you will see the benefits of this work in the fast delivery phase.

8- Save your best render settings for your work and avoid having to adjust render settings over and over. (If you don’t need a special render setting for your work)

9- Photoshop is indispensable for the completion of a work. This stage is called Post-Production. The impressive and mystery of the work is located here. For this, we also recommend creating a photoshop archive.

10- When sending your finished work renders to the other side, make sure to place a watermark / advertisement in the middle of your images. This will prevent your work from being stolen.

How to Earn Money from 3D Visualization Business?

3D Visualization and Rendering works price policies:

While determining the price, modeling, rendering and post-production works should be calculated separately. However, the postproduction work fee is not reflected to the customer as a separate fee for the most part. Because this study is not mentioned much in the sector. Therefore, the employer may interpret it differently.

There are several working principles when it comes to pricing:

First; pricing according to square meters of modeled area,

Latter; Pricing according to the project detail (where special materials, product modeling, etc. are taken into account and a time-proportional pricing is made)

Third; working hour fee (not preferred),

Fourth; package works, ie modeling + 5 rendering fees. As an additional cost, after 5 rendering works, a per render fee is charged.

Again, there are different remuneration systems in the sector that everyone creates in their own way. But the above items are the most preferred.

How to Earn Money from 3D Visualization Business?

Generally, the fees vary between 20 – 180 TL per square meter. This remuneration is also related to the quality of the work to be done.

If you are going to charge per render, this fee varies between 400 – 1000 TL per render.

You can create your own pricing according to your price model. However, we would like to point out that a simple modeling + rendering work in the sector is not done for less than 1000 TL. We recommend avoiding industry-killing pricing.

Important recommendations:

Make sure you make a contract. Prepare your own contract, taking into account the difficulties that may arise. Don’t forget to set the terms yourself.

Before starting work, you should definitely get a certain amount from the other party. There are big problems in the sector, especially for freelancers. When you start without getting a certain rate, the cancellation of that job is always on the agenda. You stay with what you do.

Generally, companies request such services against invoice. Be sure to provide a self-employment receipt. Do not do tax free business.

The employer will always want to negotiate. Therefore, when determining your price policy, make an offer accordingly. But there is a fine detail that needs attention here; neither miss the customer, nor tire yourself…
Don’t get into a job you can’t do.

Commit to reimbursement for work you can’t complete.

Be sure to include taxes and all other expenses in the price you will receive.

And the most important thing; Do your timing well! Timing is the most problematic part of this job. If you’re taking a 2-day job, put some stretch on it and say 3 days.

Avoid unnecessary instillation of confidence.