Comtech’s EVOKE is bridging the digital divide and sparking innovation – SatNews

The world today is transforming to embrace a new era of machine, human, and digital coexistence, which has the potential to bring incredible benefits to businesses, governments, communities, and individuals across the globe.

There are a few elements that are core to realizing the full benefits of this societal shift, and equal access to connectivity sits at the center. While access to communications technologies is continuing to expand, there is still a significant portion of the global population that remains disconnected.

To close this digital divide, Comtech‘s global communications infrastructures needed to evolve. The company is uniquely positioned to help match and accelerate this change in the global connectivity landscape through our technologies, services, and initiatives.

One such initiative is EVOKE, the firm’s Innovation Foundry. EVOKE engages with customers, partners, and suppliers to push the boundaries of technologies that will lay the foundation of connectivity and shape future societies and ecosystems.

EVOKE was created with two distinct purposes:

  • EVOKE is pioneering new business ideas to disrupt the existing market and create new opportunities. With EVOKE, one of Comtech’s core goals is to relentlessly innovate toward future networks for better outcomes. As part of these pioneering efforts, EVOKE will focus on building new network architectures; providing networks-as-a-software; designing distributed architectures; producing next generation optical systems; developing artificial intelligence-based technologies; and creating open interfaces, among other efforts.
  • The second EVOKE charter is to support Comtech’s core business by developing new solutions that can ENHANCE existing technologies and service offerings. These enhancement efforts will primarily focus on technologies, such as cloud native satellite ecosystems, 5G advanced services, and accelerating the company’s migration to “as-a-service” business models, as well as other efforts.

With such core purposes in mind, industry collaboration will be essential for EVOKE to capitalize on new opportunities, deliver unprecedented value to our customers’, and democratize access to communications technologies for all.

EVOKE’s charter of collaboration will involve a wide range of global companies, applications, and technologies. EVOKE will also work with customers and industry collaborators to ideate, test, and validate new customer centric applications across a variety of industries.

In February, Comtech announced Sirqul as the company’s first publicly revealed EVOKE technology partner. As the first publicly announced partner, Sirqul will work jointly with Comtech on a unified focus of achieving “Smart Operations,” where enterprises will be able to make business decisions with real time Internet of Things (IoT) data to develop actionable business insights and improve operations, creating unprecedented customer value in uniquely innovative ways.

As Comtech continues to build out EVOKE partners, the focus will also be on fostering partnerships with leading universities located around the world to ensure the next generation of leaders are adequately prepared in technology and research disciplines and that will enable the company to continue leading the way and remain at the forefront of emerging technologies and industries. These university partnerships will focus on supporting those in the academic world as they bring forward new and innovative capabilities that will advance access to the connectivity and technologies that will empower the world.

Ultimately, EVOKE is assimilating innovative minds to develop ideas and build successful ventures in a collaborative and fast paced environment. With EVOKE, Comtech is matching the rate of change we see happening across our global communications infrastructures by integrating technologies and creating substantial value for individuals, communities, governments, and businesses in a new era defined by connectivity and collaboration.