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Accounting firm Baker Tilly WM LLP offers assurance, tax, corporate finance and consulting advice to help businesses navigate the future

Baker Tilly WM LLP can help businesses with full-scope accounting needs on local, national and international levels. It offers compliance and business consulting at all three levels, which is important for companies as they may be looking to expand or contract.

“Baker Tilly also has depth and breadth of business skills, acumen and tools that businesses can plug into or access during these times,” says Paul Websdale, managing partner, Baker Tilly WM LLP. “This can assist our clients in navigating any trends that come our way.”

Moving into the new year, Websdale sees a continuation of the trends that most affected small, medium and large enterprises in 2022—rising inflation, rising interest rates and labour issues, which will create threats and opportunities for businesses.

Navigating these scenarios will require company owners to have a true understanding of their businesses. “They should be examining some key factors, including, what are the business’s strengths? What are the weaknesses?” Websdale says. “If businesses are struggling with that assessment, they should reach out to business advisors like Baker Tilly WM LLP. We can help assess the best ways to take advantage of the seemingly negative trends. Businesses might be in a better position than they think or in a better position than their competitors.”

Companies that are operating on local, national and international levels—or poised for growth in one or more of these areas—can benefit from working with business consultants who are well-versed and can advise on assurance, tax, corporate finance and consulting at all three levels.

“Not all advisors in our market size are able to provide this level of support to help businesses take advantage of these opportunities,” Websdale says.

To weather any turbulence the coming year may bring, owners should be planning and thinking about where they want the business to be in one to five years. They also need to be nimble to change with the times.

“They should make sure they have the tools in place to achieve those goals,” Websdale says. “Baker Tilly WM has many tools available to assist these businesses.”

Whether it is data analytics, tax planning, dashboarding information for clients, buying a business, selling a business, assurance required for bank debts or even filing tax returns on a timely basis, firms like Baker Tilly WM can help avoid pitfalls.

“It is important that companies have a breadth of capabilities to help businesses safeguard against economic squeezes, such as rising inflation, rising interest rates and labour challenges.”

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