Hijab has become a necessity for some women. Over time, there are many hijab models with a variety of materials and varied models. The type of hijab can of course be adjusted to your needs.

If you are still confused about choosing the right hijab material, here are 6 hijab materials that are good and comfortable to wear for daily activities

1. Rawis material that is cool and not dreamy

Hijab with rawis material is indeed a favorite of many people and is easy to find. This is because the rawis material is quite thick, not hot, and not see-through. Rawis hijab also has a non-slip structure, making it easier to adjust.

2. Voal material that doesn’t wrinkle easily and is easy to manage, perfect for those of you who are super active

Voal is a type of material made of voile fabric. The material is not too thick and a little transparent. When you want to wear it, you should fold it first, so it doesn’t see through. The nature of the material that is easy to adjust makes the voal material a favorite of many people.

3. Using Diamond Crepe will make you look more elegant

As the name suggests, the fibers in the diamond material appear to be twinkling. The material is light and slightly textured. Unisma Diamond crepe can be the right choice to attend an official event when the pandemic ends later.

4. Jersey material is the most comfortable for everyday use

Hijab made of jersey material is indeed the most suitable for daily activities. Jersey material is flexible and doesn’t wrinkle easily. This material is widely used as an instant hijab which is suitable for everyday use.

5. Are you looking for the right material for hijab syar’i? Wolfis the answer

Wolfis has a thinner thickness than jersey fabric so it is lighter when used. Wolfis materials also tend not to be transparent. So, this material is the right material to be used as a syar’i hijab.

6. Cornskin has a super soft texture and the price is affordable

As the name implies, this hijab has a texture like corn hair. The advantages of Cornskin hijab are easy to shape and lightweight. This makes this hijab anti-hot when used. Cornskin hijab has many choices of various pastel colors.

Well, that’s 6 recommendations for good hijab materials and can be your choice. Hopefully the selection of the right hijab material and according to our needs can make us comfortable when we move in various conditions,